At Willow and Grace Print Shop, we are happy to print or embroider whatever you need. 

Our print technology is able to print or embroider on any material from 100% cotton to 100% poly and everything in between. 


  • Bella Canvas
  • Port and Co.
  • Gildan
  • Next Level
  • Independent Trading
  • District
  • Hanes + Many more! 

Please see the following list for pricing: 


Cotton, Cotton Blend or Triblend

1-15 Shirts: $20 ea.

16-23 Shirts: $15 ea.

24+ Shirts: $13 ea. 


Cotton, Cotton Blend or Triblend

1-15 Long Sleeve: $25 ea. 

16-23 Long Sleeve: $20 ea. 

24+ Long Sleeve $18 ea. 


Cotton, Cotton Blend or Triblend

1-15 Hoodies: $30 ea.

16-23 Hoodies: $25 ea.

24+ Hoodies: $23 ea. 





**There is an initial $25 digitizing fee to convert a regular file to an embroidery file** 

We charge $1 per 1000 stitches. 

This price is ONLY for the embroidery and does not include the price of the garment that will be embroidered. 

Once we digitize your file, we will know how many stitches your design requires and we can give you a quote from there. 


Please come in and see us or email us with any questions or concerns!

49 West, Main 

Mount Pleasant, Utah 

Thank you for your business!!